What Is An Electric Suction Door?

What Is An Electric Suction Door?

Electric suction door is a comfortable and safe configuration common in luxury cars. When the door is not closed properly, the door will automatically suck until it is completely closed. The door frame (or the edge of the door panel) is fitted with an electromagnetic coil. When the door is opened, an electric current passes through the coil, creating an electromagnetic field. Thus, due to the magnetic force, when the door is closed close to the door frame, the door is automatically drawn shut.

Advantages of electric suction door

  1. It is not necessary to close the door vigorously, which increases the comfort and makes the closing action more elegant.
  2. If the door is not completely closed, it will increase the risk. With this function, there is no need to worry.

At present, only some high-end cars are equipped with electric suction doors. Like:Mercedes-benz S, BMW 7 series, audi A8, Audi Q7, Maybach, Crown top (13th generation), Lexus LS series, all Bentley models, Range Rover 4 top, Tesla Model X, etc.

The electric suction door is very comfortable, safe configuration, convenient, intelligent and responsive. It not only can protect the car, but also provide the car owner with the safest, healthier, comfortable and elegant car experience.

At present, our JoTo suction door can be adapted to Volkswagen, Skoda, Porsche and Audi, as well as Toyota and Lexus series. After installation, it does not affect any functions of the original car.

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