Volkswagen/Skoda Suction Door

The Volkswagen/Skoda Suction Door adopts the automatic induction function of the door body and adopts the motor drive method. It is an automatic system for closing the door. It is a highly versatile product, and we pioneered an anti-pinch product. For model adaptation, we have also customized designs for a variety of Volkswagen and Skoda models to meet short-term high-volume design and processing. As a professional electric door manufacturer in China, we have a full range of production lines and can produce and supply large quantities of electric doors in a short period of time.

Applicable models

Part No. Brand Applicable models Year Part Code
JT-V Faw-Volkswagen 宝来 Bora 2017 >>Now JT-V11
CC 2010>>Now JT-V11
蔚领 C-Trek 2016>>Now JT-V11
高尔夫 Golf 2010>>Now JT-V11
高尔夫 嘉旅 Golf Sportsvan 2016>>Now JT-V11
捷达 Jetta 2013>>Now JT-V11
迈腾 Magotan 2012>>Now JT-V11
速腾 Sagitar 2013>>Now JT-V11
迈腾GTE Magotan GTE 2020>>Now JT-V11
探岳 TAYRON 2019>>Now JT-V11
探岳GTE    TAYRONGTE 2020>>Now JT-V11
探影 TACQUA 2020>>Now JT-V11
探歌 T-Roc 2018>>Now JT-V11
揽镜  TALAGON 2021 JT-V11
SAIC Volkswagen 凌渡 Lamando 2015>>Now JT-V11
新朗逸 Lavida 2012>>Now JT-V11
朗行 Gran Lavida 2013>>Now JT-V11
帕萨特 Passat 2011>>Now JT-V11
波罗 Polo/Polo Jin Qin 2011>>Now JT-V11
桑塔纳 Santana 2013>>Now JT-V11
桑塔纳 浩纳 Gran Santana 2015>>Now JT-V11
途昂 Teramont 2017>>Now JT-V11
途观 Tiguan 2017>>2020 JT-V11
途安 Touran 2016>>2020 JT-V11
途岳Tharu 2019>>Now JT-V11
途观L TiguanL 2017>>2020 JT-V11
蔚然 Viloran 2020>>Now JT-V11
途铠 T-Cross 2019>>Now JT-V11
JT-V Imported Volkswagen 夏朗 Sharan 2011>>Now JT-V11
高尔夫 Golf 2010>>Now JT-V11
高尔夫新能源 E-golf 2020>>Now JT-V11
甲壳虫 Beetle 2012>>Now JT-V11
尚酷 Scirocco 2009>>Now JT-V11
蔚揽 Variant 2013>>Now JT-V11
CC 2012>>Now JT-V11
迈腾 Magotan 2012>>Now JT-V11
大众 up! 2012>>Now JT-V11
途观 Tiguan 2016>>2020 JT-V11
JT-V Skoda 晶锐(法比亚) Fabia/Jingrui 2015>>Now JT-V11
柯珞克 Karoq 2018>>Now JT-V11
柯迪亚克 Kodiaq 2017>>Now JT-V11
明锐(欧雅) Octavia 2014>>Now JT-V11
明锐经典款 Octavia Classic 2014>>Now JT-V11
昕锐/昕动 Rapid/Spaceback 2013>>Now JT-V11
速派 Superb 2014>>Now JT-V11
昊锐 Superb Hao Rui 2016>>Now JT-V11
野帝 Yeti 2014>>Now JT-V11
柯米克 Kamiq —— JT-V11
明锐旅行车 Octavia combi —— JT-V11
速尊 Superb Derivative —— JT-V11

Electric suction door comparison

Category JOOTOON Other brands
Sensitivity Trigger sensitive, no stuck General
Noise No Noisy inside the car
Safety Highest safety factor Unsafe
Energy used Maximum current 2.5A Power consumption
Matching Universal Single
Installation time 1.5h 5h
Stability Most stable, 3-year warranty High failure rate, 1 year warranty
Profession Focus on the development of electric suction doors OEM
Volkswagen/Skoda Suction Door
Volkswagen/Skoda Suction Door
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