TOYOTA/LEXUS Suction Door: also called magnetic suction door.  Mainly through the power supply to control the closure of the door.  An electric current creates a magnetic force and the door closes.  The power goes off, the magnetism disappears, and the door opens.  The door frame (or the edge of the door panel) is fitted with an electromagnetic coil. When the door is opened, an electric current passes through the coil, creating an electromagnetic field. Thus, due to the magnetic force, when the door is closed close to the door frame, the door is automatically drawn shut.  

The JOOTOON electric suction door adopts the technology of connecting the lock body to the power unit to analyze the state of the Hall sensor, and control the transmission device according to the state of the sensor or return it to the ready working position. When the suction system is running, the power is moderate, without frustration, and does not affect any functions of the original car.Provide car owners with the safest and most comfortable car experience.

TOYOTA/LEXUS Suction Door-Suction Door Manufacturers & Suppliers

Applicable models

Part No. Brand Applicable models Year Part Code
Avalon 2019-2021 JT-TB11
RAV4 2017-2021 JT-TB11
SIENNA  2018-2021 JT-TB11
VELLFIRE 2019-2021 JT-TB11
FORTUNER 2016-2021 JT-TB11
CAMRY 2014-2021 JT-TB11
CROWN 2015-2019 JT-TB11
CROWN KLUGER (Front doors) 2021 JT-TB11
LEVIN 2017-2021 JT-TB11
HIGHLANDER 2015-2020 JT-TB11
HIGHLANDER(Front doors) 2022 JT-TB11
IZOA 2018-2021 JT-TB11
IIDLANDER 2020-2021 JT-TB11
COROLLA 2017-2021 JT-TB11
LEXUS LX 2017-2021 JT-TB11
RX 2016-2021 JT-TB11
NX(Front doors) 2022 JT-TB11
UX 2019-2021 JT-TB11
LM 2019-2021 JT-TB11
ES 2018-2021 JT-TB11
IS 2017-2021 JT-TB11
CT 2018-2021 JT-TB11
IS 2017-2021 JT-TB11
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