Porsche&AUDI Suction Door

Porsche&AUDI Suction Door is the latest product line currently developed by our company. We have custom produced the electric suction door for the whole series of Audi&Porsche models. Adopting the data design of the original lock, it can achieve 100% non-destructive installation for Audi&Porsche models. The product design incorporates an intelligent induction function, which solves the problem of pinching and the inability to close the door in daily vehicle use, providing good safety and security as well as practical functions. No need to force to close the door, just lightly touch the door, the subsequent door closure will be automatically completed. Make your movements more elegant, providing you with a top-notch riding experience. And the fit distance is less than 8MM, providing a completely closed and quiet driving and riding environment. If you have any additional model customization needs, welcome to communicate with us!

Applicable models

1 generations of electric suction doors

Part No. Brand Applicable models Year Part Code
JT-M AUDI A1  2011>>Now JT-M11
A3 2013>>2019 JT-M11
A3CA 2015>>Now JT-M11
A4 2008>>Now JT-M11
A4 2021>>Now JT-M10
A4AR 2010>>2020 JT-M11
A4Q 2010>>2020 JT-M11
A5CA 2010>>2020 JT-M11
A5CO 2008>>2020 JT-M11
A5 2021>>Now JT-M10
A6 2011>>2018 JT-M11
A6AR 2011>>2018 JT-M11
A6Q 2011>>2018 JT-M11
A7 2011>>2018 JT-M11
Q3 2012>>2018 JT-M11
Q5 2009>>Now JT-M11
Q7 2007>>2020 JT-M11
Q7 2021>>Now JT-M10
TT 2007>>Now JT-M11
R8 2016>>Now JT-M11
RS3 2016>>Now JT-M11
RS4 2013>>2016 JT-M11
RS5 2010>>2016 JT-M11
RS5C 2013>>2016 JT-M11
RS6 2013>>Now JT-M11
RS7 2014>>Now JT-M11
RSQ3 2014>>Now JT-M11
TTRS 2010>>2014 JT-M11

2 generations of electric suction doors

Part No. Brand Applicable models Year Part Code 系列
JT-CD1 奥迪 AUDI A6 2019>>2021 JT-CD1 骄创
A7 2019>>2021 JT-CD1
Q8 2019>>2021 JT-CD1

Audi electric suction door technical parameters

Technology  Type  Anti-pinch  Mute  function  Emergency  lock  AM module  integration Noise  reduction  sleeve  Airtight  protection  Driving  protection All metal  gear direct  drive  Full lock  damping Prevention  of    accidental  suction  Door frame  protection
Original  Series 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
Other Brands 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
JT-T Series 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
JT-C Series

Motor Testing

Electric suction door motor test chart
Electric suction door motor test chart
Audi electric suction door customization service
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