JOTO Car Electric Suction Door Secondary In-suction Technology

JOTO Car Electric Suction Door

JoTo Car is a specialist developer and manufacturer of electrically operated doors and has been manufacturing and developing them for many years. In order to achieve a high level of comfort and safety. It is not uncommon for doors to close on the human body. JoTo Car has therefore designed its doors with this in mind and has integrated secondary in-suction technology into the current design. This means that when a foreign object is detected as an obstruction when the door is first locked, the locking is paused and when the foreign object is removed, a secondary in-suction is performed. This is important for the safety of the driver and family.

Introduction to the principle of secondary in-priming

JoTo Car’s electric Suction  door technology uses an electromagnetic coil to generate suction to close the door. When the door is opened, electricity flows back through the electromagnetic coil laid out near the door, which generates a certain amount of suction. We have added a detection function to this process, which immediately pauses when a foreign object makes an obstruction. This results in a significant increase in safety.

As the closing path is shorter, more force is required to close the door. The soft closing power of conventional electric door technology is approximately 600 N. This force, whether applied to fingers or feet, can cause irreversible damage to your family.

Choose JoTo Car

The JoTo Car technology has been developed with comfort and safety in mind and our factory has the technical and production capacity to develop a wide range of doors to meet your custom requirements.

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